Part II: Life On The Other Side Of Near Death

(This post is a shoutout to Aussa Lorens and the rarasaur. )

So, what happened after we crashed into the car?
I didn’t pass out. My mind just skipped over the next instant and I found myself on one side of the road. The crash had happened all the way on the other side. So, the only time I fly in my life, is the time my mind decides to do a sensory skip. I scrambled groggily to my feet and suddenly noticed that my slippers were missing. Totally oblivious to the people slowly crowding around me, I start hunting for my slippers. Because that’s what you do. After surviving an accident, one has to look for their slippers. My friend ran up to me, too shocked to even apologise.

That is when I felt an odd wetness crawling down the left side of my head. Standing under fluorescent streetlights, I couldn’t even make out the red in the blood. But I knew it was. I reached out with my left hand to touch my friend who was probably trapped in some hallucinatory guilt trip. Then it hit. An odd sensation rushed up my arm with an intensity I had never known before. For a second, my senses couldn’t make out what it was.
It was pain. One of a kind, for the first time ever. I think that is when I understood the biological logic behind “passing out”. It is our body saving us from our senses and putting us to sleep before the attack.
We were bundled into a taxi to go to hospital. (Thankfully, I just ended up with a broken arm and a few stitches to my head)
I was stretched out on the seat while my friend gave the driver directions. The pain was so intense that I decided to sing it away for the moment.

Under my breath, I sang softly to myself as the streetlights became a haze.



  1. Oh my gosh… so scary. It’s weird how you care about the oddest things–like slippers–while you’re in that post-trauma daze. The only bone I’ve ever broken was my tailbone– and I remember feeling like the pain shot out from me in a visible ripple effect like an explosion. I can’t imagine breaking something like my arm… though I did sort of have a weirdo fantasy moment when I almost fell down the creepy stairwell at work earlier this week. I saw myself clutching my snapped arm and waiting for someone to find me. Ugh, so scary! I’m glad, like Rarasaur said, that it worked out alright!

    1. Yes, I guess the mind needs an immediate focus in that post trauma moment. The tailbone is an odd bone to break, know someone who broke it recently. Fracture pains are terrible! But yes, things worked out and I am glad too. :)

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