Spare The Dog But Beat The Child?

She wished she was a dog. Strange human wish.
She had no idea how her parents would react when she brought Woof home. What if they didn’t want him? What if they complained about the extra care and sent him away?
Her fears were unfounded. They loved him at first sight. Woof brought all of them together in his magical net of doggy love.

She cowered on the other side of the table, waiting for him to throw the pan at her.
“Daddy, please don’t. I am sorry, I never meant to answer back, I am sorry. “

“You horrible little girl, I will teach you a lesson even if I have to go to jail for it”, he screamed. 

Mummy ran in, “Are you crazy? Control your temper!”

She crawled under the table waiting for it to stop.
Very soon he came to her. Gently, he took her by the hand and helped her crawl out. He put his arms around her shivering body and calmed her down.

“I am sorry, so so sorry.”

She cried loudly and hugged her Daddy.

Woof and she had a lot of fun together. It warmed her heart to see how much her parents loved Woof. He would trot behind her Dad all day and crash near Mum’s feet at night.
She knew that her Dad missed having his little girl around. What could she do? Now she was a grown woman with her own life and friends. She was glad he had Woof, because now he didn’t feel so lonely any more.

“Will you do that again? Will you? WILL YOU?”

The slaps thundered down against her cheeks. 

“No I won’t! I won’t! I am sorry!”

She tried to shield her face.

“Why, where are those smart words now? WHERE ARE THEY?”

Mummy stops it finally.
“Why do you beat her like that? In a few minutes you will be holding her and crying your eyes out.”

The glass landed with a clang near her, narrowly missing her head. 
A few minutes later, he stroked her hair slowly and dried her tears. Then he dried his own.

Woof was sitting in front of the kitchen. Mum was in a hurry because she had to leave for work. Lovingly, she tried to move Woof out of the way. Usually as gentle as a lamb, Woof must have been in a bad mood that morning. Turning his head, he snapped at her. Mum was generally scared of dogs; she screamed and jumped out of the way.

She got up and went to Woof

“Bad Woof! How could you do that to Mum?”

Ashamed, Woof lowered his eyes and avoided her gaze.
Just to train him, she lightly smacked him on his doggy cheek.

“Never snap at family, okay?”

Dad jumped in the way.
“What are you doing? Why did you slap him? Violence and abuse never helps. Do you know how much you hurt him just now?”

She stared at her father.

She grabbed his feet, screaming. 

“Please Daddy, please!”

He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up. 

She quietly listened to the blows on her back.

“Sorry Dad, I will never slap Woof again.”



      1. By the way, I couldn’t help but think of your blog name when I looked ay myself in mirror this morning after three nights of taking care of sick kids. :)

  1. It’s a shame how childhood abuse, whether physical or emotional, scars us forever. It actually becomes a huge part of one’s personality, even though we try to hide it.

    Oh, by the way, I agree with Ayashman, keep writing!

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