Sing For A Summer In The Dead of Winter

Summer is here again.
So are the smiles, the warm food and the quiet walks in the twilight.
Walk in silence with your companions.
The dreary cold that seeps into your bones is slowly fading away.
Summer is the moment of light, surrounded by restless winds that bring the cool evenings with them.

The light lingers, reluctant to go.
The winter battered eyes have long grown weary of the brown and the yellow.
The little green leaves creep up mischievously when no one is looking.
When you close your eyes to hear the wind, it strikes a higher note this time.
It is no longer the empty sound rushing over vast, barren lands.
You hear the heaviness and the fluttering.
The wind has made friends with the new leaves. 
The night comes, dragging her diamond blanket behind her.
The sun runs, and the moon sweeps the blanket over the world in one flowing move.
As the day ends, you look up and see the diamonds sparkling with all their might.
You don’t mind standing out in the open.
It is winter no more and the cruel winds are not lurking behind every leafless tree.
The evening winds are cool to the touch and if you sense closely, you will feel the hint of a warm after taste.
Summer is coming and you shall awaken very soon.


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