Redditors Give Us Some Of Their Happy Songs To Fight Depression

So I did this post a while ago, titled  5 Songs That Can Get You Through The Dark Days . I posted on Reddit (yep, you got that right) asking users to give me some of their happy songs. This is what they came up with for the rest of us.


I have linked the songs for your ears. Happy singsong hours!

Jacksonville: Sufjan Stevens

Gymnopedie No.1: Eric Satie

Wish You Were Here: Pink Floyd

I’ve Got Friends: Manchester orchestra

– My Girls: Animal Collective

American Beauty: Grateful Dead (Album)

Vanishing : A Perfect Circle

Three Little Birds: Bob Marley

Peaceful Easy Feeling: The Eagles

The World’s Not Falling Apart: Dar Williams

I’m Alright: Billy Joel

A Horse with No Name: America

Seaside Lulluby: Hermit (OCRemix)

The Galaxy is at Peace: Danny Baranowsky (OCRemix)

Hidden Village: Twilight Symphony

Tina (Terra): Sschafi1 (cover of original)

Fiddler on the Green: Blind Guardian

Portico Quartet: Pompidou Pt. 1 followed by Pompidou Pt. 2

Ólafur Arnalds – For Now I am Winter

The Dismemberment Plan – You Are Invited

Fink- Blueberry Pancakes

Sasha – Wavy Gravy

Serenade for Strings: Antonin Dvorak

Fear: Blue October – 

When You Walk In The Room : Fyfe Dangerfield

You Are Not Alone: Michael Jackson

Unforgiven II: Metallica

Smooth: Carlos Santana

Fuck This World: The Queers

Hold On: Wilson Phillips

Break Out: Swing Out Sister

Cartoon Heroes: Aqua

I Lived: One Republic

I discovered some gems here and I hope that you all do too. :)

(Katherine and Azara, a shoutout to you!)

Image: Wordporn


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