Are We Just Fillers of Earthspace?


All of us are waiting for our moment of pure, blinding clarity. It will be like witnessing our very own creation; looking at the disconnected debris of our life move in harmony towards a single point. Each of us wants to be an end-product of chaos, like the Universe, because at the end of chaos comes perfection, and the destruction of disorder.

We want to be part of a destiny. We want to be part of great things. Who wants to be ‘just born’? You and I, why just swim around in the ether when there are bigger plans to be made?

Isn’t that what we all long for, really? That pinprick light of an epiphany that tells you, “You are here for a reason. You are breathing, living, drinking and laughing because of a reason?” Because, everywhere we look, all we see are other people just like us, doing mostly the same things. Then we wonder, ” Am I here just because some space needed filling?”

Are we just the um, yeah and like in Nature’s speech?



  1. You are only filler if you allow yourself to be. Don’t compare yourself to those you see whom you think have so much purpose. They have their own systems of values and morals, systems which don’t necessarily have to be yours. You can determine your own purpose in a way that makes sense to you. If you can’t come up with your driving purpose, don’t worry too much, instead, enjoy the process of looking. You will find it.

  2. Many people are stuck in a rut trying to find out who they are and where they fit in, in this world of ours. It can seem like a hamster’s wheel, going around and around until you jump off or fall off.

    Some are lucky (if that’s the right word) enough to not only have plans and goals but actually achieve them. And right now they know exactly where and what to aim for.

    I’m very curious about the end game. When my last breath has left me, where will I end up.

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