Bore, Bored and Boring.

If you are interested in a bored protagonist.

If you are interested in a bored protagonist.

On that topic of boredom, I  discovered a rather obscure character in an obscure fantasy novel who seems to be bored by everything. Hence he is a lot like me. Everything bores me after a point.

Yes, so this character I was talking about. He is this teenage boy called Lerris. I know it’s vaguely creepy that I choose to identify with a teenage boy at this age.

But all that aside, the defining characteristic of Lerris is that everything eventually bores him. His boredom is to the extent that he cannot find a path or a way of life that will grab his interest for long enough. Now I never finished the tale to know what finally interested him. The review at the back of the book describes it as a “Coming of age” tale. As if we haven’t had enough of those already. Anyway I am guessing that he does find something to hold on to at the end.

The best thing about this boy is that he frankly admits that he is bored, unlike all those other literary characters whose boredom can only be gauged through their actions and words. Now if that so-called absence of depth makes this character less literary, then so be it. I think it would be somewhat sad if he loses his unique bored character by the end of the novel. That would be, in my opinion, rather boring.


  1. Yes….. Sydney Sage.

    I hated her when she was introduced to the VA series and I avoided Bloodlines for a while because I was so disappointed she was going to be the main character. As I started to read from her perspective, I realized she is so close to me, it’s not even funny. Even the way she addresses her love life throughout the series is like me. Remove the supernatural elements and it’s almost like I’m reading the story of my own love life.

    So, now I don’t hate her. I’ve gotten pretty good at predicting her decisions, though. I think, what would I do? ^_^

  2. Perhaps,the thing that ends their boredom, (if the story does such a thing) will keep it from being boring for you as the reader. Maybe they shall end up miserable instead, which isn’t boring at all, though far from fun.


  3. Haha, sounds like you two would get along. Boredom has its issues though, aside from the obvious. I know a man who can’t keep a girlfriend for long. He straight up told me he gets bored, so he ends it and moves on to the next one.

    Also, I recently found a fictional character whose a lot like me. I hated her when she was first introduced in the tale (I wonder what that says about me?)

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