I am politically correct…wait, that’s offensive now?

I am not sure what to say any more. (Is it politically correct to start a blog post like that?)

Sure, I am all for the label-bashing (girl?boy? human? pfft) but sometimes I get plain confused when I say something and someone tells me, “That’s not politically correct any more”. Bewildered, I look at the ceiling a while and then say, “It was, until a few months ago, yes?”

Yeah, but not any more. (Well then honestly, I didn’t get my last edition of the “Label Basher Weekly”. It must have been lost in the mail, or wait should that be post?) Because, “mail” is just too, you know…’sexist’, phonetically speaking.

I studied some social anthropology back in high school, and last year I am told that the word “tribal” is politically incorrect. Though apparently and I can’t stress the world-shattering practical relevance of this enough, “Many anthropology scholars are still in disagreement about this.”

Oh good, let’s wait with bated breath.

I am glad that some labels have been done away with, the actor-actress/ poet-poetess business one, for example. Humankind is another one, I am pleased with. Then again, it’s all rather capricious, isn’t it? One fine day, it might do a 360 again.

One of the latest updates is hilarious though, and I don’t know which side I am on. It’s politically incorrect to say ‘husband-wife-boyfriend-girlfriend’. You must say ‘partner’ and make it more gender-equal. Now, the funny thing is, I am one of those repressed souls who inwardly cringe when having to use ‘girlfriend’ or boyfriend’. (Maybe I am dead inside)  That however, is my general awkwardness in human relationships in general and nothing to do with my ‘girl power, yeaaah’ ideals.

So for me, having to call my er,argh, eek ‘boyfriend’ as ‘partner’ is the best damn thing. But seriously, ‘partner’? I am not sure, isn’t it a little cold and well, business-like for the general thinking-feeling-warm and fuzzy human populace? All for being part of the ‘cool, we don’t need no gender’ kids? Maybe I would have more faith if I knew that there was no possibility that ‘partner’ could phase out in the not-so-distant future to make way for yet another acceptable label.

Oh, I forgot. We don’t do labels, right?

So what is it for you? ‘Partner’? Girlfriend? Husband? Wife? Boyfriend?

(Note how I evenly positioned the labels above to make sure that both the sexes were getting equal placement.)

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  1. When it comes to labeling your lover, I don’t think any term is incorrect. It’s whatever you’re comfortable with. Among those I’m close to, I say boyfriend. However, among strangers, I sometimes say partner because I feel like it stresses a deeper commitment than boyfriend (we’ve been dating for almost 5 years). Friends and family know how serious we are, but others may not.

    The whole “politically correct” thing does reach a breaking point. At work the other day, I said African American in reference to a class I took in college (African Americans in the Media). My co-worker was amazed I would say that and that a college of all places would use that term. She then informed me I should say Black. I’m not out to offend anyone here. I thought both terms were respectful towards those of African decent. Or not?

    1. I agree. Just call them whatever you want, as long as you are comfortable with. I find this entire “politically incorrect” business downright pretentious at times.
      Hah, while writing this post the first obvious point in my mind was the entire race debate. See, your incident demonstrates the pointlessness of it all. I am sure you remember a time when African-American was “the” thing to say and now again it’s a pariah term. “Black” was such a racial slur even until a few years back and suddenly it’s back in fashion. Your intentions were perfectly innocent and yet you get chastised. Damn.

  2. I just posted the first actual content in my blog, dropped by reddit to perhaps get a few eyes on it, and found this near the top of a relevant subreddit. Turns out we picked roughly the same topic this week! :) My coverage is more philosophical and less furious, but I gotta say, yours is refreshingly cathartic.

  3. I used to think acceptance was a good thing before it morphed into celebrate and change. I’m starting to wonder if we are looking for problems now. I’m pretty sure we have problems actually more important than girlfriend/boyfriend/partner. This time of year some of my friends lose their mind if someone wishes them Merry Christmas. If the intent is being nice to you are you really being hurt if you’re Jewish or an atheist? Happy holidays by the way I wouldn’t want to offend you ;)

    1. Yes, it is all in the intent. If it is not meant derogatorily, I don’t really see the point behind all the hullabaloo. As I see it, things become unnecessarily complex after a point what with multiple interpretations and theories..
      And ‘happy holidays to you too’, you haven’t offended me I assure you. ;)

  4. Hahaha! You go, girl! Love your spunk. Enjoyed this post. I refer to him as my hubby. He tells his friends I refer to him as my hubby. I think he finds it amusing. I’m not sure I can say “partner” and look at him with a straight face. Although, as you said, it does seem more gender neutral, and therefore, politically correct. Don’t know if he’ll like the title though. See you around the Nano Poblano circle!

    1. Haw, thank you! Yeah, I think we should use what we are comfortable with, using a label just because the cool kids are doing it kind of defeats the purpose.
      Psst. you should spring the ‘partner’ on him, just to see his expression. ;)

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