Spotted! Random profound posters

Some times, the most random sights make you stop and think. A few years ago, I came upon these two posters which made me stop and think for a while. You will have to pardon the awful framing, focus, etc.

Both the posters tackle themes which are very relevant today, across countries, cultures and generations.




  1. A part of me wants to be like “oh, we wouldn’t accept such outright propaganda now” (be it good or bad propaganda) but then I wake up and realize we’re inundated with it constantly, it’s just more subtle. These are super interesting finds!

    PS- what is wrong with me, I had to go back and correct my spelling of “propaganda.” I’ve been out of school waaaay too long, apparently.

    1. Copywriters didn’t care about being all that subliminal back then, apparently. :P
      Now they just seem to have gotten sneakier.
      I feel your pain, I was struggling with ’embarrassing’ and ‘assistant’ the other day and felt like a complete muppet!

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