20 fa-aacts about me. Uh huh.

This is prompted by an er, prompt from the Rarasaur-ness.
Here goes 20 facts from the anonymous.

1. I tea. I tea a lot, as many cups as you can brew for me.

2. I am very scared of the dark. I stride towards my bed after switching off the lights. (Or run like mad, really)

3. I hail from and live in, India. (We have over billion people so it’d still be pretty difficult to find me)

4. I like chocolate which is melty. Like y’know a melty bar?

5. I want to visit Machu Pichu. (Did I spell that right?)

6. I once delayed a National Express coach to Cambridge by strategically positioning myself in front of it. (I had reason on my side!)

7. I feel naked if I don’t have my earphones plugged in while walking on the roads.

8. I am mortally afraid of snakes.

9. I chased a guy friend friend down a railway waiting room with a toothbrush in my hand. Relevant? No?

10. Sushi. Oh, sushi.

11. Rom-coms make me feel all depressed and grumpy. (Yes, I am one of THOSE) Someone get me one of those airport ending scenes?

12. I get along better with children that adults. Oh sorry, they are my peers now.

13. Social awkwardness is what I rock. And no, not in the’oh-so-cute-in-a-Zooey-Deschanel-way’. In the ‘um-er-uhh-okaybye’ way.

14. Please exterminate Marmite.

15. I geek out on Star Wars. Also, I love the LOTR franchise.

16. I watch quite a few TV shows. (Don’t listen to her, she means MANY)

17. I don’t have a religion but you can call me a student of Buddhist philosophy. (Don’t expect me to say peace out brooo, though)

18. Mountains give me peace. Not a beach person.

19. I want to stop eating meat for good. Eggs. Eggs are divine though.

20. Black and white are my favourite colours.

PLUS one for good luck.

21. I cried for Heath Ledger when I watched, yeah The Dark Knight.

*looks at the ceiling*



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