The disovery of a rockstar nephew

I dislike huge family gatherings with a vengeance. Too many people fluster me. I sit, languish in a dark corner and look mysterious.
This gathering turned out no different until I discovered the existence of a nephew. He is all of ten and already possesses the wisdom of the stars.
With all the awkwardness of new found auntdom, I tried the usual mandatory bonding starters.

“Uh, what’s your favourite subject in school?”
“English”, the little man solemnly replies.
“I heard you like dancing? What else do you like doing?”

He pauses, and then glances sideways at me, appraising whether I am worthy of what he’s about to say.
“Rock. I like rock.”

(I think I passed the test.)
I clutch the sides of whatever seating device I was on.

“Rock? What rock do you listen to?”
Not 1D , not 1D, I prayed.
Again, that pre-bombshell glance.

“Iron Maiden”.
My eyes widen slowly. Is he the Chosen One or something?

“That’s heavy metal though, I also like Mettalica.”
“Uhhh, which Metallica song…?”
He grins.
“Enter Sandman”

So, there is hope for humanity and music and world peace and all things good and kind.



          1. That’s a shame.
            Someone is going through some pictures on a camera and I happen to ask her what she was looking at.
            I say, “Pictures? On a camera? You’ve gotta to be kidding me.”
            Same reaction.

          2. I wish I could use sarcasm, it isn’t good at all. I sound you sincere which makes me sounds like an idiot. Then later I try to compliment people and they decide it was a sarcasm, needless to say I’ve lost friends over this issue.

          3. Ha, sarcasm is always a tricky trick. Its success depends on whether or how the other person’s taking it. Inevitably there are the offense-takers and the non-comprehenders.
            I have pissed off many a soul too.

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