Sharing the universe with monsters and lost eyeliner-prophets

(Trigger warning: Child abuse, abuse, genocide, sarcasm)

Pure empathy. The art of being able to fill in the other person’s shoes to an extent that the other perspective becomes completely internalised. So, let us put the very ideas of right and wrong, good and evil and other such absolutes under the scanner and routinely dissect them.

Every crime that is committed seems to exist in a Schrodingerian universe of sorts, where it is simultaneously a crime and not a crime.

Better put, they always come with justifications. A woman was violated? She was provocatively dressed and walking alone at night, can’t blame the man who did it out of predatory urges. Cultural genocide in Tibet? It’s part of the Chinese expansionist policy, whether you like it or not. The point is, irrespective of whether one agrees with the justification or not, it is always going to exist, even if only as a matter of discourse. The perpetrators will always have a defending argument.

However, there is one space within which all such defences fail. That mind numbing space where crimes are committed against children.


Was there some logic behind what happened to Baby P and Victoria Climbie? Maybe they were too noisy, or too naughty, thus provoking their respective guardians to torture and ultimately kill them? Maybe there’s some justification for what Ian Watkins did?

People who commit unspeakable crimes like this are also human, right? Then please, let us find another word to describe the rest of us. I, for one, refuse to be called human then.


We humans have gotten away with a lot. But not this. We cannot justify an existence within which children are tortured, violated or killed. Because here, there is no provocative dressing, no socio-political motive or any other preposterous debate that we are routinely good at cooking up.



  1. As a victim of severe emotional abuse and “regular beatings” with a house slipper that had “tacks” sticking out of the bottom of it, I have often wondered why I survived, why didn’t my hateful mother murder me. I do believe that she would have, except that she knew she couldn’t get away with it – narcissism.

    I wish there were an answer as to why these maniacs are capable of slithering through society and torturing the holiest of innocents, children.

      1. All answers are in our hearts. The thing I am dealing with now is trying to be “thankful” for the “bad” things that happened in my life because, as WISE ones would tell us, it is the “bad” that shapes who we become.

        I started another blog, separate from my cancer one, where I will deal independently with this leftover trauma and hopefully make sense of the evil, dissect it, hold it under the lens of a burning microscope and rid myself of it forever.

        As Friedrich Nietzsche said, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” I guess I’m living proof. :)

  2. Let me start by saying that I agree with you,

    … but at the same time, people still have excuses. Pedophiles have claimed children dressed or acted in a provocative fashion. Likewise, disobedience has been used for years as the reason for children being abused and/or killed.

    I certainly don’t buy those excuses anymore than the ones you touched on for other crimes.

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