When the time’s come

“Have you ever felt that you were meant for a higher destiny? Something light years above yourself, the people and the world around you? Have you ever felt that you were meant to work towards something that would completely consume you and render your petty ego-driven self completely surrendered and consumed?
Have you often felt removed from all the material trappings around you, or looked at things with the secure knowledge that one day, one fine day you will be called to sacrifice everything close and loved, for something else? For a cause that will then shape your very existence. A sacrifice that will cost you everything that you have and yet in the moment that you shall give up everything you have, you will get everything that you truly wanted, what you were truly born for.
In that moment, all your little mortal joys, sorrows, victories and defeats will somehow be consumed in this all encompassing fire. And for the first time in your limited existence, you shall finally see the true face of infinity that you are meant to walk into.”

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