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The Politics of Self Love

“Echo and Narcissus” by John William Waterhouse

Self absorption must be a beautiful thing for those who practice it. For my part, I have never quite understood its workings.
I know all the arguments for self-love. It’s a dog eat dog world where you need to arm your handbag with a canister of self preservation to survive. All for themselves or it’s the apocalypse, etc.

So yes, I get your self love.


Part II: Life On The Other Side Of Near Death

(This post is a shoutout to Aussa Lorens and the rarasaur. )

So, what happened after we crashed into the car?
I didn’t pass out. My mind just skipped over the next instant and I found myself on one side of the road. The crash had happened all the way on the other side. So, the only time I fly in my life, is the time my mind decides to do a sensory skip. I scrambled groggily to my feet and suddenly noticed that my slippers were missing. Totally oblivious to the people slowly crowding around me, I start hunting for my slippers. Because that’s what you do. After surviving an accident, one has to look for their slippers. My friend ran up to me, too shocked to even apologise.


In 10 Seconds I Was Probably Going To Die. I Didn’t Care

What happens to us in that little interim between a beginning and its end? We spend all our time in tightly clinging to this one chance at a life. Living it by any means possible. No expense spared and no moments wasted.
Then one day, all of a sudden we hurtle towards an unknown ending at such a fiery speed that it leaves us breathless.


Happiness is not matter, create it ex nihilo


Image courtesy Pixabay

I wrote this piece just a day before I saw the Weekly Writing Challenge. Now it seems tailor-made for what I wanted to talk about.

If you are one of those who constantly struggle with your mind, then you probably find it very difficult to be happy. It becomes even more difficult when you look around to see people deriving joy from the smallest of things. When you walk down the street, you hear a random carefree giggle. When you turn to look, you see this girl throwing her head back and laughing at something. It is so easy to feel incapable sometimes.


Bad PR for depression, etc.

Some conditions make us uncomfortable. We hear and then we sympathise, making the requisite clucking noises. But our eyes shift, looking for a corner to rest upon.

“She is HIV-positive?…” And then you don’t know what to say. Should you say, “Oh, that is awful”, or just shake your head? Nothing seems appropriate or sensitive enough. The same goes for mental conditions like depression and schizophrenia. How does one react? I mean, how bad is something like depression, really? Is it just a new-age euphemism for self-pity and inertia? What do depressed people do? Other than whining, crying and constantly complaining about their lot in life, that is?

Is it fashionable to be unsocial, sport dark circles and look ravaged? Sure, especially if you happen to be a rock god or an artist. After all, it just adds to the melancholy, creative-genius stereotype. (more…)