Feeling like twilight.

Sink, Love and Sleep

It’s late afternoon but the day has already been overtaken by the clouds in the sky. I am out on the roads, trundling down in a rickety old bus. The skies are so dark that my mind and body have been tricked into a state of twilight. A wistful yet unreal evening has settled over everything. “I Disappear” by Porcupine Tree is playing in my ears and a breeze moves over my face. It smells of rain somehow.
It is that sort of evening where you can disappear. Or slowly fade away with the fading light.

Solitude in peace v/s solitude in a warring mind

I think one of the important things that I have noticed is how perceptions of everyday things change along with the state of mind that I am in. I think that holds true for most people. For example, a sight that would normally fill you with peace and joy, can have the exact opposite effect if you are depressed/sad/angry.

For people battling depression, this truth becomes starker and magnified to unimaginable levels. It makes you hate yourself. How would you feel if you saw everyone around you derive simple joy from something while you feel indifferent, stunted? It is such a “de-humanising” feeling, to be robbed of something as fundamental as emotion.  (more…)