Nano Poblano

When I Was Two, I Ran Away From Home To Buy Soap.

The front door was open and my parents weren’t looking (No, but really, they are good parents).

I was at the wise old age of two. Walking through the apartment, I looked around appraisingly and decided that the house needed a few things. So, I picked up a bag almost as big as I was and walked out the front door.


Weekly Photo Challenge: A Time-warp Hiding in Stone

I saw this doorway when I walked into a centuries-old Buddhist monastery hidden in the remote ridges of the Himalayas.
It was quiet. So quiet that you knew it was meant to be that way.

There is time hidden in every corner and every layer in this doorway.
Time… eternal, living and dead silent.

“…to me a mountain is a Buddha. Think of the patience, hundreds of thousands of years just sittin there bein perfectly perfectly silent and like praying for all living creatures in that silence and just waitin for us to stop all our frettin and foolin”
-Jack Kerouac (The Dharma Bums)

Are We Just Fillers of Earthspace?


All of us are waiting for our moment of pure, blinding clarity. It will be like witnessing our very own creation; looking at the disconnected debris of our life move in harmony towards a single point. Each of us wants to be an end-product of chaos, like the Universe, because at the end of chaos comes perfection, and the destruction of disorder.


Thank you!

So, my blog hit the one month mark today.
I created it when I was in a very bad space, a sad place. Nothing made me happy and so I thought, maybe I should write about it? I mean, what the heck, maybe it will help.
A month later, here I am. I wanted to thank all of you, those who connected, commented and supported.

If you managed to wade through that apocalyptic sea of verbs (Sorry, watched the Noah trailer today. I linked it, we are in for a treat it seems.), then here’s my big fat “Thank You!”
I had given up my writing years ago. I lacked the motivation, and thoughtfood to come up with anything significant.
For a month and hopefully many more, I have taken my words back.

Thank you for being a part of that.

The Politics of Self Love

“Echo and Narcissus” by John William Waterhouse

Self absorption must be a beautiful thing for those who practice it. For my part, I have never quite understood its workings.
I know all the arguments for self-love. It’s a dog eat dog world where you need to arm your handbag with a canister of self preservation to survive. All for themselves or it’s the apocalypse, etc.

So yes, I get your self love.