Two haiku offerings to syllable god.

Haiku 1

still twilight forest

night brings a diamond blanket

the moon shudders slow

Haiku 2

death comes at twilight

shadows dance in wary peace

light grabs my sad wrist

(These are my first two haiku offerings for the Weekly Writing Challenge)

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I am politically correct…wait, that’s offensive now?

I am not sure what to say any more. (Is it politically correct to start a blog post like that?)

Sure, I am all for the label-bashing (girl?boy? human? pfft) but sometimes I get plain confused when I say something and someone tells me, “That’s not politically correct any more”. Bewildered, I look at the ceiling a while and then say, “It was, until a few months ago, yes?”

Yeah, but not any more. (Well then honestly, I didn’t get my last edition of the “Label Basher Weekly”. It must have been lost in the mail, or wait should that be post?) Because, “mail” is just too, you know…’sexist’, phonetically speaking.


Bore, Bored and Boring.

If you are interested in a bored protagonist.

If you are interested in a bored protagonist.

On that topic of boredom, I  discovered a rather obscure character in an obscure fantasy novel who seems to be bored by everything. Hence he is a lot like me. Everything bores me after a point.

Yes, so this character I was talking about. He is this teenage boy called Lerris. I know it’s vaguely creepy that I choose to identify with a teenage boy at this age.