Feeling like twilight.

Sink, Love and Sleep

It’s late afternoon but the day has already been overtaken by the clouds in the sky. I am out on the roads, trundling down in a rickety old bus. The skies are so dark that my mind and body have been tricked into a state of twilight. A wistful yet unreal evening has settled over everything. “I Disappear” by Porcupine Tree is playing in my ears and a breeze moves over my face. It smells of rain somehow.
It is that sort of evening where you can disappear. Or slowly fade away with the fading light.

Release Me: On a rocking horse of time

You either go down on the other side, or return.

You either go down on the other side, or return.

Funnily, I thought of the Pearl Jam song when I saw the Daily Prompt post.

I was very nervous about posting the first time on my blog here. That is because I finally started writing about something that had remained so personal for all these years. I have been suffering from depression and most of my family and friends have no idea that I do. I fight it inwardly, on a very regular basis.